Our rates at xlondonescorts.co.uk are very simple. £80 per hour or £60 for a half hour extension. These rates are the cheapest in London. We provide you with very beautiful escort girls for just £80 p/h. Is there anything better than that? I don’t think so.

Why is it £80? I believe that this is a fair rate, enough to cover the escort’s time and her travel expenses, including our commission and advertising costs. Now, there are many other agents that charge much more. We are quite competitive with our rates and quality of service.

What does the rate of £80 includes? It includes one hour companionship service in London. London is a big city, with long distances between the areas. That raises the travel costs. But we believe that we can fit in the £80 price.

What if I am calling from far out of London? How much would it cost me? Well, you will still pay the same £80 per hour, but if you are really too far we may appreciate an additional £10 or £20 (one off payment) to cover the travel expenses. Usually it would apply to you if you live in Essex or Surrey. Kent is also a bit a far, but we would love to see you, so don’t mind the extra £20. A good thing is that if we have a girl already in your area, and she is not far from you, you wouldn’t need to pay anything extra. 

I am doing my best to offer you with these great deals, and I hope you will take the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful escort girls.

There  are various ways to make a payment. It could be by bank transfer for those who use online or telephone banking. Pay Pal is another method of payment. Credit cards are not preferred. Our favorite payment method is cash.

You can not find an agency with lower rates. It is not easy to maintain the low prices every day. That is why we rely on you, our dear friends, to keep calling us and bring us business, because our business is your pleasure!